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Your voice, shaping the future of your community.



We strive to inform public debate on key issues 

We listen to voices from a wide perspective, with a focus on those who are marginalised

We stand against division

We seek perspectives from across the political divide

We focus on issues and not party politics

We want to get to the truth

We believe people have the right to claim understanding and knowledge based on personal experience, and that their voices are important


Increasing centralisation of decision making between Government and big business under Public-Private Partnerships is inhibiting government transparency and true Democratic practices, leading to a lack of accountability and genuine community consultation.


Community Voice Australia empowers communities to actively participate in advocating for genuine consultation with Government and Public-Private Partnerships. This would ensure that decisions are made collaboratively, transparently and reflect the priorities and needs of the communities they impact.


Community Voice Australia advocates for transparency and accountability from all levels of Government and associated bodies, including forums, commissions, stakeholder lobby groups, industry groups and public-private partnerships.

We stand for decentralised decision-making and the right of communities to have genuine involvement in the decisions which affect them.


Additionally, we support initiatives that protect and enhance the well-being of people and the environment.

Group Lecture
Man Standing Outside Shop


Through our local Community Groups, Community Voice Australia aims to:


Connect passionate Australians who share our vision of creating a genuine space for community members' voices;


Coordinate these voices into a strong and collective force that raises awareness of local issues of concern.

Empower communities to be active in initiatives that are effective at engaging and influencing Government and Public-Private Partnerships.

Advocate for governmental bodies and their partners to conduct robust and genuine community consultation before approving any plans that impacts the lives of the people in the community.



“By bringing our voices together, we ensure that decision-makers respond to the concerns of our community.”

Josh Phillips
Central Coast Resident for 8 years


Community Voice Australia is committed to remaining

non-partisan and independent.

We pledge to uphold the values of integrity, transparency and responsibility when serving the communities in which we live.

We stand for peaceful resolutions fostered in an environment of respect and collaboration.

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